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Unsure about a few things? Here are some client FAQs to help you better understand what I do and how I do it.

Do you design logos only?

Whilst a logo is a vital aspect of brand recognition, an entire brand identity includes a strategy, specific colours, typography and patterns, for a more enriching and subconscious awareness amongst a target audience. I design entire brand identities that communicate the essence of a brand, evoke desired emotions, and promote a sincere consumer relationship. A logo must be built upon the foundations of a brand. This takes research, revisions and evaluation. For this reason, I offer brand identity packages and customised project briefs that encompass more than just a logo design.

How much does a brand identity cost?

Every business has a different budget, faces different problem points and require different assets. So I provide a custom quote for each project. The more you can invest in your Brand Identity, the more in-depth we can delve into your strategy and explore a creative direction that will lead to an evolutionary and organic representation of your brand. During the Introduction Call, we can discuss your requirements and from there you’ll receive a proposal outlining the costs and payment breakdown.

How long does it take to design a brand identity?

How long does it take to design a brand identity?

In the project proposal, I outline an estimated schedule and process depending on the deliverables and extent of the project. However, no estimation is ever definite. I try my upmost best to deliver as quickly as possible, but the completion of the project depends on multiple factors, including how quickly feedback is giving from the client and how many revisions are allocated.

How many people work for you?

This is a one-woman band. I am responsible for all aspects of each project, from initial contact to project completion.

How do we communicate throughout the project?

To manage projects I use an online workspace called Notion, where the client has access to view timelines, documents, schedule Zoom calls and comment with feedback. This is a great and convenient way for clients to see all project details in one organised space. I appreciate that each client communicates differently, so I’m happy to accommodate an approach that suits them.

How do we communicate?

How do you accept payment?

Payment can be made via direct bank transfer or Paypal. 

Do I need to pay a deposit?

I request a deposit from all clients before any work can begin. This is usually 50% of the total amount due. A deposit creates a foundation of trust and professionalism for both me and my Clients. A deposit allows me to prioritise your project and dedicate the necessary time and resources it takes to get the project complete.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Once a proposal has been agreed to, which includes project scope, budget descriptions and deliverables, I’ll send over a contract. This is in place to protect both me and my Clients. Once the terms and conditions have been approved and any necessary changes made, it can be signed. Only then will an invoice be sent. When the deposit is paid, the project can be scheduled and work can begin.

Who owns the copyright of the final logo and brand identity, you or the client?

Once the final payment is made, I transfer all necessary files and designs to the Client, along with a Copyright Transfer Document for them to agree to and sign. The Client then has the right to modify, use or sell the transferred work as they see fit and at their own risk. The copyright transfer relates only to the designs and concept approved by the Client. It doesn’t cover previously shown concepts, logo ideas and sketches pitched to the Client; these remain as my intellectual property. I only request that I can share the work in my portfolio, unless stated otherwise by the Client before the contract is signed.

What happens if we need to use a commercial font/license for the design?

If during the project I feel that a commercial font/typeface is appropriate for the development of the design, I’ll convey this to you and if agreed, a licence must be purchased and/or registered by you, in the your name before the project is finalised. It is not ethical practice for me to provide any client with a copy of a font/typeface that I have personally purchased a license for. If the Client would like to use a copy of said font/typeface commercially, the Client must also purchase the respective font/typeface licence.

Do you work with international clients? 

After tossing my graduation cap in 2017, I packed my bags and traded the UK for land down under. After spending over two years exploring and working in Australia, and visiting some of Southeast Asia along the way, I've interacted with many other travellers/people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I increasing my awareness and sensitivity towards different customs, traditions, and beliefs. It broadened my perspective, both personally and creatively. The perks of working solo, means I can shuffle my schedule to suit your needs and adapt to different time zones.

Do you offer services other than brand identity design?

I graduated from a Textile Design Degree in 2017. I used to weave ideas into fabric, now I weave ideas into brand identities, but I still venture back to my textile design roots, making the most of my unique experiences. Outside of my branding bubble, you’ll find me designing digital patterns, illustrations and icons; being playful with colour, shape and texture.

Do you design websites?

Web design is a specialist design area which requires a specific skill set in coding and UI/UX design. I recommend clients hire a dedicated Web Designer for this. To build and design the site, they can reference the brand style guide you receive from me. I am willing to cooperate with the web designer, checking in at certain points to make sure the design is consistent with your brand. A seperate agreement will be made if you require this step.

Why do you only offer one concept for brand identity design?

After immersing myself in a brand strategy/creative direction, I explore all avenues before refining a single concept. A meticulously crafted design concept will express the entirety of your brand's identity and streamlines the design process. I can invest more time and effort into developing one strong concept instead of multiple, potentially weaker ones, minimising the chances of decision paralysis for the client. Multiple concepts can sometimes lead to compromises or attempts to combine elements from different designs, which may dilute the strength of the brand identity. I only present a concept or design solution that I strongly believe in. I offer a set amount of revisions, outlined in the contract and I’m open to certain adjustments based on client feedback.

One concept

What is the difference between 'Starter Strategy' and 'Whole Strategy'?

The Starter Strategy includes: Basic Customer Archetype, Basic Competitor Analysis, Brand Positioning, Brand Values The Whole Strategy includes: Brand Archetype, Customer Archetype, Competitor Analysis, Brand Positioning, Brand Mission, Brand Vision, Brand Values, Brand Mantra

Starter strategy or Whole Strategy

What is the difference between 'Starter Logo Suite' and 'Whole Logo Suite'?

The Starter Logo Suite includes: Primary Logo and Submark The Whole Logo Suite includes: Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Submark, Favicon

Starter logo suite or Whole logo suite
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